Over the past several months we have seen a boom in the amount and variety of wildlife present at Lake Waco. In response, we have started this web blog to give interested parties a resource to information about the goings on at the Lake. In addition, people with updates, information, and news can easily reach us so we can circulate the information through the blog!

Everyone from hobbiests, hikers, bikers, photographers, and naturists have turned out to see many of our new visitors including the many bald eagles currently nesting at the lake. Its truely historic and gives locals and tourists alike a once in a lifetime opportunity to see some amazing animals in their natural habitat.

Its typical, especially with the bald eagles, to spend 5 hours watching the nest, only to get 2 minutes of action. For Brian Boyd and Spencer Moore, the time waiting is well worth it.

General information for sight seers and wildlife watchers:

If you are thinking about visiting the lake in search of wildlife, especially if you are not a regular hiker, or outdoorsman, there are a few things to keep in mind

First, the wildlife at Lake waco is diverse and untamed. This means that while you are out searching for eagles, you should keep in mind that they aren’t the only animals at the lake and you might find yourself up against a diamond-back rattle snake instead. Remember that this is not the city and there are many dangers presented, even at a park site. Many varieties of ticks, snakes, ants, wasps, bees, hogs, and other potentially dangerous animals call Lake Waco home. This is not to scare anyone off, in fact, most dangerous situations can be avoided with just a little information.

Here’s what you should know:

It is unwise to go into untamed areas at night.

For safety reasons, you should never travel into the wilderness by yourself. If you get stuck and your cell phone dies you’re in big trouble. Besides, its easier to admire nature with a friend!

Bug spray is awesome – use it!

Boots are the shoe of choice for wilderness areas. They offer more protection against bugs, snakes, and other critters.

Respect the wildlife, especially if you happen to stumble upon some bald eagles; remember that they are our national bird and are protected by law (and photographers!)

As the boy scouts would say, “leave nothing behind but footprints.” After all, we don’t want your trash in our drinking water.



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