Dr. Spencer Moore (OD)

Username: svmidoc

spencer-bio-finalDr. Spencer Moore has been a  successful Optometrist in Waco for 36 years. He currently runs his own office, located at 1215 Lake Air Dr. He is married to Jeanie Moore (a retired teacher from China Spring ISD) and has 2 grown children and one grandchild.

Dr. Moore first got into photography while in optometry school. While sitting in geometrical optics class doing calculations, he realized that he knew all the math involved in the optics that make up photography, but had no camera. It was then he decided that he would get a camera and start his adventures in photography. In the 1970’s and 80’s he worked in the darkroom with film until those processes were no longer available. When the digital world reached a level of quality that exceeded that of film his hobby came to life again. He currently has his pictures printed in several publications, has sold his photography in several venues, and was featured in the Waco Art Center photography exhibit in the winter of 2009. The last several years Spencer has focused on wildlife photography and has a great love for capturing God’s creations and sharing them with the world.

Brian Boyd

Username: bblfp

brian-biopic-final1Brian Boyd grew up in Huntsville Texas and graduated from Sam Houston State University. He and his wife Becky moved to Waco in 1977 where they raised their two sons, Dustin and Lee. He also has two beautiful grandchildren, Price and Sage, who are the apple of his eye. Brian has been a State Farm Insurance agent for 32 years in the greater Waco area. Obviously, his passion is photography. He enjoys taking photos of wildlife, landscapes and people, including the Amish. Over the past few years, Brian has been privileged to be able to photograph Air Force One and President Bush during his many visits to Crawford.

Brian hopes to be able to continue his travels but also looks forward to his many visits to our parks here at Lake Waco. He takes great pride in Lake Waco’s parks and the wonderful people at the Corps of Engineers who manage them.

Nate Cornelius

Username: mustardseed014

Nate has called Waco home for over 20 years. He is currently a photojournalist at KWTX News self-portrait110 in Waco as well as a wedding and portrait photographer in the Central Texas area. He is recently married and both he and and his wife share a passion for photography. Nate first encountered Brian and Spencer on a news assignment covering the bald eagles at Lake Waco. Since then they have worked together to inform and inspire the public about the amazing wildlife that calls Lake Waco home.


29 Responses to Authors

  1. Bill Ramer says:

    Great work guys! Imagine right here in Waco. It takes alot of skill and dedication to capture these wonderful pictures.
    Thanks for making our Waco world a little better.

  2. K says:

    Thank you so much for the amazing pictures and information. We enjoy following along with the daily updates on our beautiful eagles and baby. Always brings a smile.

  3. Donna Karl says:

    Thanks so much for sharing these photos. I have been following a baby eaglet that is in Oklahoma, but it is so nice to see pics of one here in our area. This is all very exciting!

  4. Paula Marshall says:

    You guys are amazing! (Almost as amazing as the Eagles.) National Geographic should have such a team. You make us proud. Thanks for sharing.

  5. B Burr says:

    These are fantastic!! Thanks so much for sharing with the rest of us. Haven’t seen such great pictures since visiting eagles in Alaska. Your photography is such a gift!!

  6. This is fantastic. I can only hope the folks that do not respect wildlife do not spoil what seems to be a wonderful think unfolding.

  7. Brenda Turnbough says:

    Hey guys, these pix are amazing! Thanks so much for all of your hard work! I know that you just love it!

  8. Maria Taylor says:

    Great blog! All of your pictures are spectacular. Thanks for sharing!!!!

  9. Larry Storer says:

    This is amazing work, made even more compelling because it is at our lake. Thank you for documenting this local wildlife with this spectacular photography.

    I can just imagine the number of teachers who will be using your blog in their classroom when school starts.

    • svmidoc says:

      That would be great. We have been very fortunate to have the eagles and they seem to be comfortable here. Hopefully they will stay in the area for years to come. Thanks for the comments.

  10. You guys have done a terrific job of telling the Eagle story for us. Great photographs! Thanks so much for sharing with the community.

  11. David Hunt says:

    Fellas, I can’t tell you what a gift your website is to the rest of us. Thanks for much for sharing. And, I’d have to say that your commentary is equal to your photography. What a combination!

    BTW: Whatever happened to the 2nd eaglet? In the early photos you mentioned two, but — but perhaps I did not read closely enough if you mentioned that one was lost. Now there’s only one eaglet?

    Also, back in December, before I had read anything in the paper about you guys or the eagles, one day I was out walking on the dam with my family and I looked up in the clear blue sky and saw what I immediately assumed was a hawk, except that it kept soaring without flapping (like a buzzard) but was not shapped like a buzzard. Wings straight out on the side – with an incredible span. Then I thought “has than bird got a white head and a white tail?” Sure enough, it did — and I wondered if it could be a bald eagle. (I was born in Waco and grew up fishing on the lake and had never seen one) And so we watched, and walked and would chat and look back for the eagle — and it continued to get smaller and smaller, as it gained altitude without flapping. (thermals?) And after one brief glance away, I looked back and simply could not find it. I strained and strained to see it (I may need to make an appt with Dr. Moore) but could not relocate it. I can only assume it gained such altitude that it was “out of sight”. Well, at least for my cones and rods set up it was out of sight. 🙂

    Thanks again you guys, please keep updating.

    All the Best,

    David Hunt

    • bblfp says:

      David,Thank you for your comments. It sounds like you did see one of the eagles. The white head and tail is a sure sign. As far as the babies are concerned, there probably was more than one egg at one time, we really don’t know.Many times the bigger chick will kill the smaller one,or destroy the other egg . We’ve never seen more than the one chick. The first photo of the chick was when it was 1 week old. Thanks for your support and comments. Brian Boyd

  12. David Hunt says:

    Brian — how do you guys handle “invisibility” (Camouflage) during the heat of the summer? Any chance you and Spencer will be making a presentation to the public? (or maybe you already have) Thanks again for all you and Spencer have done. What did you guys do before the eagles arrived on Lake Waco? 🙂 BTW, my daughter is a Junior at UNT in Denton. (Eagles) All the Best, David Hunt

    • bblfp says:

      David, By summer we can wear pretty much any color we want to. The eagles are familiar with us now. They do get upset when we bring reporters and the press out . I always tell them to get their cameras ready because the eagles will fly when they see them. We love to talk about these eagles to whom ever will listen. We have been on Tv and newpapers several times. For the past 8 years I had the opportunity to photograph air force one and Pres. Bush from time to time.That was a lot of fun, but sad when it was all over. God blessed me with these eagles starting in January, His timing was perfect. I don’t know what he will bring to me next, but I know it will be a blessing.

  13. David Hunt says:

    One more question: Are there more than these two eagles (plus Eaglet) on Lake Waco? ~ David

    • bblfp says:

      David , the Park Rangers told us there were two nesting pairs on Lake Waco. I haven’t seen the other one.I did see a young eagle who visited this nest one day. so there must be at least 6 if not more Eagles on the Lake now.

  14. David Hunt says:

    Brian and Spencer – in between spreadsheets and tax return preparation, I keep going back to your site — and doing other Google searches about the Lake Waco Eagles. I came across an interview of you both on WCCC and was so blessed to hear you guys give unabashed praise to God for His creation. All your pictures testify to that — and I realized that was part of the reason I keep being drawn back. Thanks again for blessing me in multiple ways. ~ David Hunt (and sorry for cluttering up your comments. You don’t have to publish all this)

    • Wanda says:

      David, You have expressed my sentiments as well. Thank you Brian and Spencer for sharing your God-given talent. It has been an exciting adventure. Keep up the good work. Wanda

      • svmidoc says:

        Wanda, Thank you for your kind words. We have enjoyed this wonderfully and even more in sharing it with so many people. We should thank KWTX TV for giving us this blog and setting all of this up for us and you to use. Without them this would not have happened. Thanks again. Spencer

  15. Renee says:

    Amazing photos!! I live in Austin, so close enough to drive up someday and explore the Lake – sounds like there is a wealth of bird life and other wildlife up there to see and enjoy. Thank you for sharing your talents and helping others appreciate our wild creatures.

  16. David Hunt says:

    I was on the lake again this past weekend — and saw Mom and Dad — one near the nest and the other about a half mile from the nest. The one near the nest was being tormented ceaslessly by a scissor tail fly-catcher. And when the Eagle finally had a snootful and flew off, the scissor tail looked as though he latched on to the back of the Eagles’ neck and pecked on him as he rode. I love scissor tails, but this once, I wished the Eagle was fast enough to make a snack of one. 🙂

    • svmidoc says:

      I know just how you feel. I have had enough of that as well. They just won’t let up, but that is the life of a bird, large or small.

  17. David Hunt says:

    Brian and Spencer — seen anything of Freedom in a while? I’ve been out quite a few times and don’t see him whereas I do tend to see Mom and Dad. Does a young eagle feel like many of today’s Waco youth — can’t wait to get out of Waco — only to return when they start a family? 🙂 ~ Dave

  18. Spencer and Brian: Your online galleries are just WONDERFUL!

    Spencer’s shots with backgrounds always tell great stories and Brian’s insect photos almost always inspire me because I can see the hair on the back of the poor butterfly as he winces after that bee bites him! Poor baby!

    It was a true pleasure working with the two of you and we enjoyed having your photos in the gallery at the Art Center of Waco!

    Thanks to the two of you for showing the world what great art we have here in Waco!

    Jennifer Warren

  19. Gary Adams says:

    Great work guys! Love the site and of course the photography. It was great meeting you both and I hope to see you again around the lake, taking pictures!

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