April 8, 2013

Here we have the female woodpecker leaving the nest so the male can bring his catch to the new babies. Brian BoydImage



April 6, 2013

Soaring on a beautiful day.  Brian Boyd



April 1, 2013


I caught the male hovering in mid-air as he was approaching the nesting hole and he found the female in the entrance. They like such a small hole that it certainly doesn’t provide access to two birds at once. In just a couple of weeks or so the chicks will be emerging from the nest to test their wings.

Spencer Moore

Bluebirds Are Nesting Around Lake Waco

April 1, 2013


All around the lake the bluebirds are nesting successfully this year. 2 years ago all the nests failed due to the drought and the lack of insects and the flowers that draw them into the area. Last year was a good year and it by all signs this will be as well. Often there are two nesting cycles and sometimes three. With all the dead trees around, the birds have lots of holes to choose from and anytime you live in the lake area a nice Bluebird house will draw a pair in. This male has a spider as he is waiting for the female to leave the hole and he will take his offering.

Spencer Moore

The first of the bluebonnets.

March 29, 2013

The first of the bluebonnets.


March 19, 2013


Have you ever wondered what a Woodpecker does with all the woodchips that fall into his home while he is building it? He simple grabs a mouth full and spits them out the front door.
Brian Boyd

The beauty of Springtime.

March 19, 2013

The beauty of Springtime.