8 Responses to Pictures

  1. Tim Gilbert says:

    The National Bird. Great pictures. Hope to see more. Love eagles. God bless America!

  2. keith says:

    Great pictures. I am an avid photographer in Hillsboro and would like to get directions to the area so that I might be able to add to my collection of hawk and falcon pics.
    Thanks for posting these and continued great shooting!

    • bblfp says:

      Keith, this nest is off of Lacey point at Speegleville park. Call me and I will give you better directions. 254-776-0124 . Thanks, Brian

  3. Leah Hamilton says:

    I have lived in Waco for 8 months, have been walking at Lacey Point hoping to catch glimpses of the eagles. Of course my all-time favorite band is the Eagles, and nirvana is listening to their music and looking at your photography at the same time. My brother just moved here and I hope we can do the walk together-we hope to see the eagles ourselves, just like everyone else who lives here. I will continue to keep watching the sky. I hike every day, and hope the odds are in my favor. Thanks for you exquisite photography and chronology of these beautiful, majestic creatures. My 2 parrots are jealous!

  4. juanita says:

    Does it appear that our eagles are staying at lake waco?

    • svmidoc says:

      Juanita, Yes they are definitely staying around the lake. All of the eagles in the central Texas area stay all year long. They find a stable food source and there is no need to migrate. For eagles migration is only done when they find themselves looking for adequate food sources at different times of the year. This is much more prevalent in the northern parts of the continent due to freezing of lakes and ponds and fish retreating from shallow rivers in the winter time. Spencer Moore

  5. Sally Waidhofer says:

    Beautiful! Such a visual treat!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Love the photos!!! Hope to see babies soon!!

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